This page features testimonials by clients of The Therapy Bar.

“I suffered with whiplash, tension headaches, neck pain and back pain following a car accident 6 months ago, I had other therapies but these didn’t work. After just one session I had instant pain relief in my back and my headaches had reduced by the end of the first week. It’s great to be in less pain which has meant reducing my painkillers. I am looking forward to my next treatment. I would definitely recommend to everyone”.

L C, Manchester

“I was constantly getting headaches. Often on a daily basis and sometimes so severe, I couldn’t stay at work. Ten days ago I had my 1st treatment. I left feeling as though I was walking taller and I haven’t had a headache since”

G R, York

“In October I trapped a nerve in my back leaving me with pins and needles in my left foot. I tried physiotherapy which did very little. After just 2 sessions of therapy, the feeling has nearly gone. The treatment is painless and simple. After a few more treatments a very old and painful knee injury has improved beyond belief! Whilst I was originally sceptical that it could work, I feel so much better as I can now do activities that were too painful to do before. I would definitely recommend anyone to give it a try.”

N I, Solihull

“Because of my job I get repetitive strain in my left shoulder and was having to visit a physiotherapist every 2-3 weeks to help reduce the pain. Since receiving just 1 treatment 9 weeks ago I haven’t had to visit the physio and now looking forward to another treatment”

Debbie, (Owner) The Works, Tadcaster

Hi Melanie, just wanted to let you know that I have been great since I saw you. My digestive system and headaches are much improved. Feeling much better! Thank you.

J W x

I am Melanie’s Dad and for years I have avoided taking any treatments because frankly I am very sceptical about alternative therapies. I have been suffering from Emphysema for years and was having a particularly bad week when she came to visit. She insisted that she treated me with acupuncture which was my worst nightmare as I hate needles! With gritted teeth I gave in. I never expected the treatment to be so effective. I noticed a difference within 10 minutes. I now look forward to her visits and continued treatments. Just wish I had done sooner!

K R – Blackwell

Whilst training for marathons and triathlons over the last few years I’ve suffered from a variety of injuries, aches and pains.  Most of my problems have been related to my back following a motorbike accident some years ago which has left me with a weak back and tight hamstrings.

Melanie has never failed to reduce the pain and, more importantly for me, accelerate the healing process to enable to get back onto my training plan. 6th place in the Inca Trail marathon would not have been possible without Melanie’s help.

Melanie has also used Kore to good effect on my shoulder, which suffers from an inflammed AC joint.  After having a steroid injection that made me feel very weird and was only temporary, I sought help from Melanie.  My shoulder is now pain free and have full movement once again.

Having seen such good results that helped my training, I now see Melanie for just about anything, from indigestion and persistent bout of man flu, which have all been helped by Melanie.

S J – Baildon