Clinical or Sports Massage Leeds – Bradford – West Yorkshire


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If you are suffering from more irritable aches and pains, or are recovering from an accident, injury or sports incident, we offer a more in-depth Clinical or Sports Massage.

This technique combines Swedish Massage with aspects of Clinical Massage, Deep & Soft Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Compression and Neuromuscular Techniques and Myofascial Release.

Our aim is to specifically target troubled areas and encourage them to heal.

This powerful combination of techniques can reduce soreness and stiffness. It can also dramatically enhance strength, power, endurance and flexibility.

Boost your Sports Performance!

We can also combine our powerful Clinical or Sports Massage with KORE Therapy treatments to really attack any discomfort or weakness, getting you back to the top of your game as fast as possible!

Our prices for Clinical Massage are £40 for one hour or £25 for 30 minutes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are also able to provide support care to sports teams – please contact us to discuss details and find out what we can offer.



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