Scar Work – Leeds – Bradford – West Yorkshire

Scars can be reminders of painful events, and scars themselves can cause severe embarrassment and discomfort. Scar tissue is denser than normal skin and can be less flexible.

Melanie is delighted to be able to offer her skills in Scar Work to anyone who would like to improve the appearance or work on the functionality of a scar – no matter how old the scar.

Since training under the legendary pioneer of Scar Work, Sharon Wheeler, Melanie has seen many clients enjoy stunning, often almost immediate, results through this gentle but effective technique.

Gentle manipulation and touch can help integrate the thickened scar tissue into the fascial web – the layer of soft tissue that wraps around everything just beneath the skin. This shift in the make up of the tissue can often be seen immediately, both in appearance and functionality, and is long-lasting. Nerve damage and numbness may also be reduced.

The age and size of a scar is irrelevant as almost all will respond to the gentle, painless touch.

If you or someone you know is struggling because of scarring, Melanie would be delighted to discuss how she may be able to help.




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