Hopi Ear Candles Leeds – Bradford – West Yorkshire


This is an unexpectedly pleasing therapy which can help you relax as well as release the build-up of ear wax, and relieve sinus congestion and allergies.

It was believed that the technique was first developed by the Ancient Greeks, who used ear candles probably at first for cleansing. However the practice got its name from the Hopi Indian tribe who lived in the American South West.

The candles are still today made based on the old method of the Hopi Indians – a hollow tube of cotton flax impregnated with beeswax. The candle is lit and the pressure created by the heat draws secretions from the ear. It is a pleasant, calm and soothing sensation.

During your session, we also include a therapeutic facial massage which works the sinuses, lymphatic system and acupressure points to add to your experience.

A dreamy session with the Hopi Ear Candles costs £25.00




Hopi Ear Candles Leeds – Hopi Ear Candles Bradford – West Yorkshire