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KORE Therapy is a superb and powerful technique which has been developed over 25 years to help increase strength, boost healing, improve wellbeing, ease recovery and help people feel their very best.

Melanie is an Accredited KORE Therapist who has spent years studying under its founder, Dr John Brazier, and has travelled as far as Thailand to improve her knowledge and ability. She specializes in adapting her skill-base for each and every complaint so your specific appointment will receive a unique approach especially tailored for you.

Watch this short film to give you an introduction to KORE and how it could help you:

Using a combination of the finest Western and Eastern techniques and complimentary therapies, KORE Therapy bypasses symptoms to get straight to the root cause of health problems.

Uniquely, KORE Therapists use muscle and functional testing of the body to pinpoint exactly where the problem has come from. This enables the body to tell us what the problem is!

Mel balance3

Once Melanie has identified the cause of your problem, she may use all or some of the following techniques to help tackle it: Muscle re-balancing, Massage, Acupuncture, Body Balancing, Anmo Fu, Cranial Sacral Balancing, Qi Gong, Cupping and Korean Hand Therapy.

What can KORE Therapy help with? The list is almost endless. If you have an ailment, no matter how serious or how trivial it may feel, the chances are we will be able to help ease it and improve your wellbeing.

Please watch Melanie’s short video as an introduction to Muscle Testing and what your appointment might entail.


This treatment is also perfect if you are wanting to improve your sporting prowess. Athletes can see a noticeable difference in their performance – sometimes just after one therapy.

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KORE Therapy Leeds – KORE Therapy Bradford – West Yorkshire