Massage Leeds – Bradford – West Yorkshire

One of our most popular therapies, Massage can be beneficial to everyone. Probably the best-known and most widely-loved alternative therapy, it can vary from a relaxing experience to a powerful remedy.

Mel massage3In a nutshell, a massage is defined by the manipulation of soft tissues and joints with pressure, strokes and occasionally cupping of the palms. It can be extremely pleasant and soothing – and can also clear knots and ease tired muscles.

For a wonderfully relaxing experience, we offer full body Swedish Massage. If you have a specific health issue I recommend our Sports or Clinical Massage which can target specific areas and help you regain and improve strength and performance.

The non-surgical Facelift Massage combines powerful, soothing strokes to help you rejuvenate and feel younger.

I also offer Pregnancy Massage as a wonderful soothing and safe therapy to help you relax through those crucial nine months.

Please watch this short video to give you an introduction to Abdominal Massage, which is one area that can be worked on specifically or covered within a Fully Body Massage:


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