Reflexology Leeds – Bradford – West Yorkshire


Reflexology is another ancient practice – it is depicted on a pictograph painted on an Egyptian tomb which dates from around 2330 BC!

This deeply relaxing therapy promotes natural healing, and is based on the principle that different points in the feet correspond to every part of the body. These points can often give clues to further health issues.

In a Reflexology session at The Therapy Bar we use the finger and thumb in precise movements to manipulate those points. It is believed that this then stimulates the flow of energy to the corresponding body part.

By working on these points, we may be able to help correct imbalances throughout your body – thus improving stress, aiding relaxation and leaving you with a general sense of improved health and wellbeing. Suitable for all ages.

Our price per Reflexology session is £35.00



Reflexology Leeds – Reflexology Bradford – West Yorkshire