Spinal Touch Therapy Leeds – Bradford – West Yorkshire


A successful back treatment from a Spinal Touch Therapist many years ago was what inspired Melanie to begin her journey as an alternative therapist.

This gentle technique can be used to help a wide range of problems – from joint pain to migraines, whiplash to back pain and menstrual problems. It is thought to be especially effective when used to help ease chronic or acute pain.

It concentrates primarily on the client’s posture, which can give many clues to the strains and stresses a body may have endured. The therapist then brings the spine back into balance through muscle relaxation and lightly touches certain areas of the spine. This encourages the body’s energy to redirect and resolve itself.

This therapy is also suitable to be undertaken during pregnancy.

Our price for Spinal Touch Therapy is £35.00



Spinal Touch Therapy Leeds – Spinal Touch Therapy Bradford – West Yorkshire