Swedish Massage Bradford – Leeds – West Yorkshire


The “basic” or Swedish Massage is on offer for either 30 minutes or a whole hour of bliss! Let the warm room, gentle music, scented oils and soft but strong hands lull you into the ultimate state of relaxation!

If you feel like you could benefit from a little time out from the world and the ultimate pampering experience, then give us a call.

Although a Swedish Massage does not necessarily target specific areas, you will no doubt find knots and tension points will ease. Some people say they “float” through the rest of the day!

A Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage can improve your whole week, while a Whole Body Massage is an experience that we believe everyone deserves every once in a while!

Our prices for Swedish Massage are £35.00 for one hour or £20 for 30 minutes.




Swedish Massage Bradford – Swedish Massage Leeds – The Therapy Bar