Indian Head Massage Leeds – Bradford – West Yorkshire


As its name implies, this wonderfully relaxing therapy was developed in India thousands of years ago.

By working the upper back, shoulders, head, scalp and face, the therapist can release any blocked negative energy which may be hindering the body’s energy and Chakra flow. In turn this can relieve stress, aid relaxation and improve sleep.

Generally the treatment begins at the upper back, working away until the client reaches a deep state of relaxation.

The soothing hands of the therapist then move to the shoulders and upper arms to continue the experience. Finally, the treatment concentrates on the scalp, massaging the skin, boosting the circulation and sending the relaxation levels sky high!

In some circumstances the massage may continue gently to the face, where it may ease any congestion or sinusitis.

A fabulous experience which comes highly recommended!

Our price for one Indian Head Massage is £30.00


Indian Head Massage Leeds – Indian Head Massage Bradford – West Yorkshire